Reader reflections of Changing What's Normal

In this little black page-turner-of-a-book, Ian got my attention from line one – and kept me to the end. His short, sharp, compelling words of wisdom resonated at every point. He had me drooling as I scribbled copious notes and wonderful reference points that have already proven their worth. Changing What’s Normal – as we shift, and we are shifting, every home, office and handbag should have one!

Susan Furness
CEO of UAE-based Strategic Solutions, a global Edgewalker and guide for Conscious Communications; Co-creator Strategic Heartistry

Bravo! Your book is wonderful, easy, fun, empowering, clear,directive, connective, difference making and, bottom line, amazing! Everyone should read it and start up a group to practice its great ideas. It has a fresh, new, wonderful style that I have not seen in other business books. I enjoyed every page of it!

Melissa Giovagnoli-Wilson
Chief Publishing Officer, Networlding Publishing

I was fortunate to be present at the launch of Ian’s book. I found the passion Ian shows in his presentation, and life in general, is also displayed in the book. Any time I have a spare minute I can just open the book and learn or be motivated. E.g. I recently opened at P. 150 and found great tips for delivering customer service on the day I was meeting to discuss the topic with some young call centre students. I believe everyone leaves a discussion with Ian feeling more positive.
Glen Hoppo, Principal, Positive Effect

Ian Berry is a fine and wise mind. Whether speaking at a Conference, training, advising or in book form (Changing What's Normal is a sustained spark of wisdom) Ian helps individuals and groups lead better lives. He inspires transformation from 'not so good' to good and 'good' to great. It is always a joy to read his words, converse with his mind and be touched by his heart.

Glenn Capelli
BA Dip Ed MACE CSP Churchill Fellow Author of Thinking Caps

This book is full of valuable insights and thought-provoking questions that truly go beyond the normal business platitudes; and invite and challenge YOU to change what’s normal in your life and your organisation.

Gihan Perera, 

Ian’s book is a ‘must read’ for people wanting to make a real difference in this rapidly changing and challenging world. Ian is a brilliant storyteller. His book is well set out and organised into easy to read, ‘sparkenations.’ If you only read or even flick through the book once, that’s fine, I promise you will have got something positive out of it. However, I got the most benefit from re-reading the book and systematically working through the sparkenations, utilising many of the additional resources Ian recommends for further understanding. The concept of changing your world first – as an individual and as a professional / business owner really does ‘transfer’ to other people. I have had many in depth dinner table discussions with friends and colleagues discussing Ian’s concepts. Let’s all bring life to Ian’s insights, the more people that think along these lines, the better place the world will be. I encourage you to ‘share the sparkenation’.

Belinda Lyle, 
Business Development Manager, Patrick Rowan & Associates

Ian has managed to capture his lifetime of experience and insights into a ground breaking new type of book. Changing What’s Normal really does what it says by making you think differently and challenging you to approach decisions in a new way.

Karen Schmidt, Career Coach and Owner & Director, Let’s Grow! Pty Ltd

I strongly recommend this book to people who share a passion for making the world a better place through collaboration, shared values, noble objectives and a desire to get the very best out of the people around them and as a consequence out of themselves.

Terry McGivern, 
COO, Smurfit Kappa, France

Ian Berry is NOT NORMAL – and that’s a compliment.  Normal is not the behavior that the world needs from you right now.  Read Ian’s book to take a look at yourself and learn some straightforward ideas you can use to add a bit of abnormal to your life.

Julie Poland, corporate coach, speaker, and author of Changing Results by Changing Behavior

Most people know the phrase ‘what got you here won’t get you there.’ So why is it many still can’t ‘get there’?  It’s because they are not changing what’s normal.  I will be forever indebted to Ian for sharing his insights with me and guiding me through the journey of Changing What’s Normal.  Straight talking and no bull (what do you expect from an Aussie!).

We live in an abnormal world and being normal won’t get you a seat at the table.  Changing What’s Normal is your key to a new world of contentment and of being valued and loved by those who love what you do.  Changing What’s Normal helped me to move from the ‘how to’ guy to the ‘go to’ guy.

Kwai Yu, Founder and CEO of Leaders Cafe