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Please watch a short video here by Steve Pressfield, author of Do the work.

Action 1: Change Yourself

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Benjamin Zander’s TED talk is here.



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For your defining moments exercise please go here.



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Marshall Goldsmith’s library is  here.



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For Geoff McDonald’s book raps go here.

My top 21 books I recommend you must read.

Extensive list of the books I recommend you read.

For more insights into Steve Farber’s Greater Than Yourself visit here.

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Please download my rituals one pager here, and then create and act on your own.


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For insights into Social Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs visit Volans and download a The Social Intrapreneur special report here.


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Want to change an outcome or a result you are currently achieving? Complete the Compete with yourself exercise here.


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12 ways to maintain your attitude of gratitude.



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Find out more about Seth Godin’s landmark book Linchpin and Seth’s other books here.

Find out more about Peter Sheahan’s Making $#IT Happen book  here.

Find out more about Thought Leaders – how to capture, package and deliver your ideas for greater commercial success by Matt Church with Scott Stein and Michael Henderson here.

Action 2: Change Your Relationships

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Find out more about Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point here.
Find out more about Melissa Giovagnoli’s books here.


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To become more of a hero in your own home complete the exercise here.



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Links to some great Tribes: I founded and led the Differencemakers Community from November 2008 – June 2013. At one stage we had over 600 members from over 40 countries. In July 2013 I closed this community and reverted back to where it began as a place of connection and extra resources for my clients.

Recently I have begun a new community for people who have received their copy of the signed, numbered, limited edition handbook, The Appreciative Leader. Secure your copy and the associated Appreciative Leader Community membership here.

Linchpin Academy


Passionate People

For great resources for building tribes online and in person check out Richard Millington’s work at Feverbee.

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To improve a personal or business relationship complete the Collaborate exercise here.

Action 3: Change Your Organisation

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The Harvard Business Review article about Creating Shared Value (CSV) by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer is here.

Are your values on the wall lived in the hall? The video below is a story from one of my seminars. I highly recommend watching and reflecting on how well you live your values, which is a key to really understanding where you are now in your organisation.

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Check out Tom Peter’s insights about Management by Wandering Around here.

There are 12 great guidelines for success through Management By Wandering Around by Futurecents here.

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You can download Marks and Spencer’s Plan A here.



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Fast Company’s 50 most innovative companies list for 2011 is here.



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Find out more about The Co-operative Group here.

Adam Jupp’s Manchester Evening News interview with The Co-operative Group’s Chief Executive Peter Marks is here.


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You can read the full Strategy + Business article about What If? scenarios here.



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In my ebook Differencemakers – how doing good is great for business, there are 142 actions for you to consider taking. Please download this ebook.


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Dan Pallotta’s blog about Missions.

Simon Sinek’s Start With Why TED talk.


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My Changing What’s Normal manifesto is here. Please note the link there is to my old website. My new website is here.

I have created two further manifestos since the above, Conceiving and and achieving highly successful change initiatives and BS Free Workplaces below.

Dr. Shine: Making a Difference Shining Shoes blog by Maree Harris. Be sure to click on the link in Maree’s blog to the Shine Manifesto on changethis and spend plenty of energy searching the changethis site.

Sign-up for Geoff McDonald’s ebook here, and post your manifestos to his site when you have completed them.

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Check out some great 6 word memoirs at Smith Magazine.



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The 12 Things That Customers Really Want by Geoffrey James.

Click here to download the overview of my sequence and frequency system for staying in touch.

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More on UGRs® here. The creator of the UGRs® concept Steve Simpson CSP is a friend and colleague. Find out about Steve here.


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The 13 must knows of role clarity.



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My strategy on a page is here.

360 Partners strategy on a page is here.


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Celebrating performance template is here.

Personal and Business Performance Plan (PPP) Template is here.

The PPP is a key tool for focusing conversations about performance. The PPP is the most important 1 page in a business because it is an individuals piece of your map to ensure your strategy gets executed.

As an example for you my PPP is here.

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Appreciation and Accountability technique is here.

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Paul Dunn’s Wooing and Wowing TEDx talk is here.



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PSF is Everything an ebook by Tom Peters is here.



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SXSW Pokes – 50 stories about making a ruckus, a free ebook from Seth Godin and the folks at The Domino Project is here.


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Generation G post by Trendwatching.

Buy1Give1 – Giving businesses the power to change our lives.


Your Next Step – Become a change champion

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