Sunday Sparkenations

Based on the great feedback to the 58 Sparkenations in my Changing What’s Normal book, I shared a short sparkenation here every week from January 2012 to August 2015. Now my sparkenations only feature on my blog here.

In addition to my blog I’ve turned my attention to sharing specific insights into 3 BIG “people centred” issues that are more prevalent wherever I go than they have ever been since I began working as a mentor for business leader 24 years ago.

To kick off my sharing on the big three I’ve written a special, short Blue Paper that gives you one great idea you can immediately act on for each of the issues. You’ll be able to download these papers at the links below.

The BIG three

elephantspeopleproblems1) Far too much time, energy and money is being spent dealing with what are viewed as people problems. 

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Learning-and-Development32) Far too many learning & development programs aren’t resulting in lasting performance improvements. 

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Time-For-Change23) Change is seen as complicated, tiresome, risky and costly, instead of simple, profound, and profitable. 

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