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Ian is a true inspiration. He lives and breathes his message. After many years of working from his head, Ian now works from his very soul. If he can’t inspire someone to change then no-one can.
Ann Andrews CSP, MD, The Corporate Toolbox

I was fortunate to be present at the launch of Ian’s book. I found the passion Ian shows in his presentation, and life in general, is also displayed in the book. Any time I have a spare minute I can just open the book and learn or be motivated. E.g. I recently opened at P. 150 and found great tips for delivering customer service on the day I was meeting to discuss the topic with some young call centre students. I believe everyone leaves a discussion with Ian feeling more positive.
Glen Hoppo, Principal, Positive Effect

I’ve known Ian and followed his work for a long time, and his Changing What’s Normal book is his best work yet. It’s written in an easy-to-read style, but full of wisdom and insight. My own work is in helping business professionals leverage and connect on-line, and I was particularly struck by how much of Ian’s thinking and strategy applies especially now, in today’s inter-connected world. It’s an excellent foundation for anybody who wants to succeed in business today.
Gihan Perera, Internet marketing guru

Ian’s book is a ‘must read’ for people wanting to make a real difference in this rapidly changing and challenging world. Ian is a brilliant storyteller. His book is well set out and organised into easy to read, ‘sparkenations.’ If you only read or even flick through the book once, that’s fine, I promise you will have got something positive out of it. However, I got the most benefit from re-reading the book and systematically working through the sparkenations, utilising many of the additional resources Ian recommends for further understanding. The concept of changing your world first – as an individual and as a professional / business owner really does ‘transfer’ to other people. I have had many in depth dinner table discussions with friends and colleagues discussing Ian’s concepts. Let’s all bring life to Ian’s insights, the more people that think along these lines, the better place the world will be. I encourage you to ‘share the sparkenation’.
Belinda Lyle, Business Development Manager, Patrick Rowan & Associates

Ian has managed to capture his lifetime of experience and insights into a ground breaking new type of book. Changing What’s Normal really does what it says by making you think differently and challenging you to approach decisions in a new way.
Karen Schmidt, Owner & Director, Let’s Grow! Pty Ltd

Ian Berry has put his heart and soul, along with 30+ years experience of working with corporate clients to make changes for the better, into his Changing What’s Normal book. In doing so, he has created the concept of sparkenation, a word that not only describes the spark that ignites passion and entices actions that lead to change, but the name of a global movement of people destined to truly make a difference in this world for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. Well done, Ian!
Steve Howard, Howard Marketing Services

Ian is a wonderful leader of leaders. He is on the cutting edge of what is really working in the market place. It is his unique talent to get to the core of the issues that makes him a stand out when it comes to transitioning businesses that are good to becoming truly great. His strategies are not concepts but concrete ideas that transforms teams.
Keith Abraham, Best selling author, Leader Passionate Tribe

Ian is one of the most dedicated transformationalists on the planet. He is seriously committed to bringing out the best in his clients and their organisations – and his newest work “Changing What’s Normal” is a testimony to that commitment. Let his ‘sparkenations’ support you in bringing out the transformation you want in your normal!
Catherine Palin-Brinkworth, Business development strategist, speaker, author and mentor, Progress Productions Pty Ltd – The Progress Consultancy

Get your signed copy for $35 including postage and handling by clicking on the Buy Now button.

Ian has been a great help and influence in my life over the last couple of years. Reading his amazing book “Changing What’s Normal”, I can see why. In it he delivers profound wisdom in a totally digestible form, presenting an alternative way of thinking and behaving in virtually every sphere of life, not least the workplace. It’s a must-read for anyone struggling to navigate the demands of the modern world.
Andrew Thorp, Owner Speakeasy and Co-Founder MojoLife

I had the good fortune to attend the launch of Ian’s book, where I acquired a copy. Whilst it can be read in a traditional linear fashion, I’ve found it’s real value is to be a great thought-starter to just open at random. I find I put it down after a few minutes, to get to work on whatever thoughts are now firing through my brain. Also, a key here is you can apply the concepts to any part of your life. A very worthwhile addition to anyone’s bookshelf.
Robert Godden, People Magic

Ian Berry is a great motivational spirit and mentor to me… he runs his own online community, travels the world, and inspires people to make a difference and be the change they want to see in the world. He touches my heart and I highly recommend you personally read his books or hear him speak. Some people are a gift. Ian is that.
Charlie Helen Robinson, Director Communications, CharlieDesign and author of Unearthing

Ian has challenged me to think about change as moments of opportunity. When we act on these moments of opportunity we can be the difference we believe in. After reading Ian’s book “Changing What’s Normal” I have begun to discover my life’s work (Sparkenation#6). Ian’s 16 statements of action were the catalyst in helping me discover what I love to do, and in the process help others achieve what is important to them (people connect with what you believe). I recommend this book to anyone who feels the need to make a difference.
Robert Bihar, when Senior Management Accountant – Pt Henry, Alcoa

Ian really is the Change Master and has been sharing his knowledge, wisdom and insights for many years on the CEO Online website. Now, with his new book, Ian lights a firecracker under your usual way of thinking and provides pathways to Changing What’s Normal. My favourite thing about this book is that you can act on what you read and bring about real change. Well done Ian, congratulations!
Kristine Szitovsky, Marketing & Communications Manager, CEO Online

Get your signed copy for $35 including postage and handling by clicking on the Buy Now button.

Ian, is a real Mentor in his field of Change, Development, and Heart in Business. I have always loved his work, and have marveled at his initiatives. Thank you for reminding us that “Nothing changes until we believe in possibility.
Helena Steel, Career Guru

In an era where leaders have so little time to read, Ian’s book, Changing What’s Normal, is just what they need – short chapters full of high quality inspiration from someone who is a leader in his own right. He brings together years of experience as a business consultant and leader and captures some of his key experiences in what he calls “sparkenations” – “a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what’s normal.” Each sparkenation makes a chapter in a book that needs to sit on the desk of every leader, not on a bookshelf. It is one of those books that can be picked up, opened at any page to be inspired in a few minutes and, as he says, have passion ignited. You will, however, want to read it cover to cover. It is, as well, a workbook. It challenges us as the reader to do the work that each sparkenation calls for, to act on the passion that is ignited.
Maree Harris, PhD., Director, People Empowered, Inspiring Leadership for Changing Times

In his new book “Changing What’s Normal”, Ian has succinctly packaged a plethora of life lessons and wisdom. You will find plenty here to challenge the old excuse “That’s just the way it is!” The book sets out a process for achieving change in three domains – yourself, your relationships and your organization – in that order. This is a whole-of-life approach to success, incorporating carefully-compiled reference sources. If you want to tap into your power and potential, challlenge long-held assumptions, make the most of your life and leave a legacy to be proud of, this book provides a pathway.
Shelley Dunstone, Chair, ALPMA South Australia

Your book is fantastic, and leads to highly profound insights – IF someone is willing to use it constructively, and more importantly, honestly! I love the sparkenations!

I believe that this book will have a significant impact on my life, so I thank you.
Dr Robert Muller, PhD in Sociology, Glenalta, Adelaide

Your book is a marvelous collection of thought provoking gems of wisdom.
Dave Phua, Managing Director, Training Edge International

When I review books I look for two key things: An idea big enough to create change and a way to implement it. This book has both in spades. It’s filled with potent insights you can apply to make your future come true.
Geoff McDonald,

Get your signed copy for $35 including postage and handling by clicking on the Buy Now button.

Ian’s book is full of a wide range of wonderful insights and anecdotes that really cause you to stop, think and reflect. I found myself fully engaged with Ian’s challenging questions from the start to the finish and I am confident that you will too.
Gary Ryan, Founder, Organisations That Matter

Most people know the phrase ‘what got you here won’t get you there.’ So why is it many still can’t ‘get there’?  It’s because they are not changing what’s normal.  I will be forever indebted to Ian for sharing his insights with me and guiding me through the journey of Changing What’s Normal.  Straight talking and no bull (what do you expect from an Aussie!)

We live in an abnormal world and being normal won’t get you a seat at the table.  Changing What’s Normal is your key to a new world of contentment and of being valued and loved by those who love what you do.  Changing What’s Normal helped me to move from the ‘how to’ guy to the ‘go to’ guy.
Kwai Yu, Founder and CEO of Leaders Cafe

I strongly recommend this book to people who share a passion for making the world a better place through collaboration, shared values, noble objectives and a desire to get the very best out of the people around them and as a consequence out of themselves.
Terry McGivern, Executive Team member Smurfit Kappa United Kingdom

This book is full of valuable insights and thought-provoking questions that truly go beyond the normal business platitudes; and invite and challenge YOU to change what’s normal in your life and your organisation.
Gihan Perera, Business Strategist

Ian Berry is NOT NORMAL – and that’s a compliment.  Normal is not the behavior that the world needs from you right now.  Read Ian’s book to take a look at yourself and learn some straightforward ideas you can use to add a bit of abnormal to your life.
Julie Poland, corporate coach, speaker, and author of Changing Results by Changing Behavior

In my opinion anyone picking up this easy to read book could only find it a valuable resource but more importantly a reflective personal development tool for all aspects of their life.
Gary Anderson, when Strategic Marketing Director, Tucker Creative

This is a book that will be a constant reference on my desk – whether applying to myself and my business or to that of clients’. Change what’s normal? The days of normal are always yesterday. The day of change is today. Tomorrow is the beneficiary of that change. Ian Berry’s practical insights and helpful tools present anyone reading this with an opportunity to change, to lead and to grow. Perhaps it is time that we embrace “abnormal”.
Richard Norris, Serendipity Global Ltd

Ian’s book comes from his heart and in his desire to serve others to help them be what they were created to be.  He gives many of the critical keys of finding joy and creating a life of meaning.  Ian is making a difference in the world and his book is all about helping you choose to do the same.
David Bernard-Stevens, President, Leader Development Group, LLC

Ian’s story-telling method is very engaging.  He invites the reader to consider things, in contrast to telling us what we should believe and do.

As someone who has made a difference in his own life, he encourages us to make a difference as a leader or an employee, whether as an individual or an organisation.  In a society where conformity and shallowness are ever more the norm, he challenges us to be different.
Reg Polson, Polson and Co.

I’ve never read so many thought-provoking ideas in one book. The beauty of the book is that you can pick one sparkenation and explore it without having to read the rest of the book. It is a fantastic consolidation of a diverse range of incredible ideas that I found quite blessed to be gifted in one book!

Lots of folk talk about difference and change, whilst doing things the way you saw them do it last time you saw them. The incongruence between the message and the messenger talks louder than the messenger. Ian Berry has this uncanny “Edge” that is both a little unsettling and intriguing whilst creating an enticing urge in you to explore further out than you normally explore. Somehow he has managed to bring his very unique way of being into print. Yet again, you impress me and stretch my mind!
Allan Parker, Managing Director, Peak Performance Development

I have no doubt that were we to embrace the principles outlined in Ian’s book we’d all be far better off, intellectually, financially and spiritually. Delivered in bite-sized chunks, Ian’s wonderful insights are easy to consume and the action points he puts forward make it a practical guide too. I love the way he puts profound and complex notions into plain, accessible language and inspires us to tread a better path. I consider this book an essential companion for navigating the demands of modern life.
Andrew Thorp, Speaker, Trainer Co-Founder of MojoYourBusiness

This is not just a book about doing good business. This is also a book about living a good life.
Paul Gavin, Smurfit Kappa, United Kingdom

Ian’s insightful book is treasure to behold: providing rich insights and inspiration for 21st century business leaders and entrepreneurs it provides a trove of real experiences from around the world. Ian provides a map for 21st century business leadership and assurance that in running a business we really can make a real difference to the world and leave a remarkable legacy. Ian’s book is a handbook for anyone concerned with creating an ethics-guided business and engaging customers and clients through authenticity, empowerment and compassionate leadership.
Sara Knowles, Co-Founder MojoLife

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