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Hi I’m Ian Berry.

Changing What’s Normal is the book I always wanted to write. It can be yours with my compliments. Learn more here.

At the link above you will also learn about the sequel to Changing What’s Normal, The Appreciative Leader, and the final in the trilogy Remarkable Workplaces.

priscillachanIan is a very wise man and his new book “Changing What’s Normal” is a great summary of his wisdom. Need some inspiration? It is the book you should refer to.
Priscilla ChanFounder & Director at Speakers Connect and China Speakers Agency

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Changing What’s Normal is for you if you’re passionate about:

  • Creating organisations people really care about
  • Being the difference you want to see in the world
  • Doing something pioneering, breathtaking, and truly innovative
  • Change where everyone can win
  • Leaving a legacy for your children and their children
  • Change people can actually believe in and make happen
  • Changing what’s normal for the good of people, our planet,and for profit

In my Changing What’s Normal book I provide 58 sparkenations for you to act on in your own way. What I say is important yet nowhere near as important as what you hear yourself say to yourself, and then do your work.


a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what’s normal.

Ian’s story-telling method is very engaging. He invites the reader to consider things, in contrast to telling us what we should believe and do.

As someone who has made a difference in his own life, he encourages us to make a difference as a leader or an employee, whether as an individual or an organisation. In a society where conformity and shallowness are ever more the norm, he challenges us to be different.
— Reg Polson, Polson and Co.

What you will learn?

Changing What’s Normal will sparkenate you to:

    • Close the gap between what you know and what you do
    • Ensure history is not your story
    • Discover your life’s work
    • Live the lessons of your life’s defining moments
    • Be a person of character
    • Step up to your personal significance
    • Have what you want without losing who you are
    • Compete with yourself
    • Collaborate successfully
    • Be a hero in your own home
    • Be a fully alive human being
    • Find the deep reason of why you do what you do
    • Create an executable strategy for a sustainable and profitable business
    • Future-proof your business
    • Ensure high levels of engagement with all your stakeholders
    • Do things every day that amaze you
    • Fulfill your promise

Changing What’s Normal is not like any other book about change

Most business books telll you what to do, or relate case studies about how some icon or guru made millions. My book doesn’t do any of this. Who am I to say that what works for me, would work for you! I prefer to partner with you to solve your challenges in your own way.

When I review books I look for two key things: An idea big enough to create change and a way to implement it. This book has both in spades. It’s filled with potent insights you can apply to make your future come true.
— Geoff McDonald,

In each sparkenation I state what I feel/think is normal and then I explore some ways to change what’s normal. I end each sparkenation with a possible actions section and the words do your work, because what I have written is not as important as what you intend, feel, think, and ultimately do.

Changing What’s Normal is more than a book

Changing What’s Normal has a companion online vault that contains links, downloads, tools, tips, templates, techniques for your contemplation and to help you take action in your own way. 

Ian’s book is full of a wide range of wonderful insights and anecdotes that really cause you to stop, think and reflect. I found myself fully engaged with Ian’s challenging questions from the start to the finish and I am confident that you will too.
— Gary Ryan, Founder, Organisations That Matter

“The status quo is no longer something we want at work or in politics or in any organisation we care about.” says Seth Godin.

I couldn’t agree more.

I share stories of several defining moments in my life.
We each have defining moments. When we live the lessons we learn through these moments we change what’s normal and inspire others to do the same.

“The best story isn’t my story or your story; the best story is our story.” says Mark Sanborn.

Therefore the best stories we tell are those other people recognise themselves in.

As you recognise yourself in my stories my request of you is that you will reflect and then decide to be more of who you are capable of becoming. The world needs the best you’ve got right now, today.

I strongly recommend this book to people who share a passion for making the world a better place through collaboration, shared values, noble objectives and a desire to get the very best out of the people around them and as a consequence out of themselves.
— Terry McGivern, Smurfit Kappa United Kingdom

The 58 sparkenations in Changing What’s Normal have been gleaned from partnering with passionate and enlightened leaders in several countries since 1991, to change what’s normal for the good of yourself, other people, our planet, and for profit.

Begin your do it yourself journey to changing what’s normal now by getting your digital copy here.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

This book is full of valuable insights and thought-provoking questions that truly go beyond the normal business platitudes; and invite and challenge YOU to change what’s normal in your life and your organisation.
— Gihan Perera, Business Strategist